It is going to be the best holiday ever, and you are about to travel to America. Now, if you want to visit Donald Trump’s country, first of all, you need to know which destinations you want to visit. And of course, you cannot miss trying the iconic foods of America. Alright! Here are the best 10 American iconic foods that you must try when you visit this country. They are:


American Food #1: Twinkies

The first food is Twinkle that is super synthetic. It is one of the best American snacks that you must try. The creator of this food is Dewer. For the first time, he saw a billboard on Twinkle Toe Shoes. From that moment, he got an excellent idea of creating unique food that nowadays becomes the iconic food in America. You can try this adorable food and enjoy the unlimited deliciousness.

American Food #2: Cheeseburger

Who does not burgers? Of course, all American people have tried this food and people around the world at least have tried to eat one. For information, burgers for the first time became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. At the first time, burgers did not come along with cheese. And believe it or not, Americans eat more than 50 billion burgers every year. You can find this good news in The Huffington Post. Americans used to eat at least three burgers each week, and if you find it interesting, you can start consuming it. Add extra cheese, and it will really make your day!

American Food #3: Fried chicken

Fried chicken also becomes the most famous American food that you can find in the whole world. Indeed, it is not the original American food, but this country has made fried chicken famous because of the crispy and greasy dish. If you order fried chicken, it will be best if you put hot ketchup to increase the deliciousness.

American food #4: Apple pie

It is time for Apple Pie! You must at least ever watch this kind of food in American movies, and they look delicious. Really! You do not visit the America country unless you try this food. For information, Pilgrims brought this food for the first time to the New World. And the fillings are various starting form fruits, and Americans end up loving the apples. Aren’t you hungry now?

American Food #5: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

If you love the sandwich, you will fall in love with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Like it or not, Americans do love putting this butter on their bread. For the best choice, you can enjoy this sweet butter along with some slice of bread for breakfast. Then, you can have a glass of coffee or hot chocolate to start your day sweetly!

• American Food #6: S’mores

If it is your first time listening to someone mentions S’mores, then you are not lucky. It is because S’mores is one of the best American iconic foods that you cannot miss. It is such a delicious food made from melted marshmallow and sweet biscuits. You will have the best meal ever when you order S’mores.

• American Food #7: BBQ ribs

One of the best things to do in America is having BBQ ribs part. In this case, you can enjoy the togetherness with your friends. You can spend the night doing BBQ grilled meat. Or, you can also choose chicken as the main foods for BBQ if you dislike meat. No doubt, your night will be unforgettable as you have fun with your friends. It will be a really great feeling if you enjoy watching the stars and listening to music while enjoying the barbeque ribs.

• American Food #8: Pastrami Sandwich

The last but also the best one among American Food and you will not find the one as delicious as you find in America. Really! You are not the real sandwich lover unless you have tried Pastrami Sandwich and fall in love at the first bite. The unlimited deliciousness you feel at the beginning bite will make you want to eat more and more. When you order this sandwich, you should make sure that you are not on your diet program. It is because the more you hold your passion for eating, the more it will grow. No one can deny the power of Pastrami Sandwich taste.

Well, you have mastered the information about top 8 iconic American Foods, and now it is your time to prove it. Dear all pleasure seekers, you cannot miss enjoying iconic American foods, or you will regret it. You have been traveling to America, and all you eat is pasta. You will never know how amazing it feels to be American and doing the same means you have wasted your time. So, enjoy the traveling and enjoy your meals!