Checkers and Rally’s is a famous restaurant that serves delicious fast foods such as hamburgers, sandwiches, fries, and so on. Now, do you ever imagine about getting free sandwich and fries at Checkers and Rally’s store? it is 2018 and all you wish is about to come true! Yes, you can just simply join Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obessed Survey at It will only take your five minutes away when you enter the survey and complete for the sake of free sandwich. And for the fries, you can sign up for Checkers and Rally’s member registration.

About GuestObessed Survey

Guest Obessed is an online customer feedback experience survey held by Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. Of course, the goal is to improve the products and service quality as the customers suggested. Checkers and Rally’s Survey will be a great way for the customers to speak to the restaurant team. it is because the identity of the participants is secret. Therefore, even if you want to give Checkers and Rally’s negative comments, you do not have to worry. Just feel free as the restaurant really cares about you.


If you are going to access Checkers and Rally’s Customer Satisfaction Survey now, you can visit But, you have to make sure that you own a recent Checkers and Rally’s receipt. Besides, an electronic device such as laptop or phone is necessary in order to enter the survey page. And as it is an online survey, you are going to need an internet connection.

How to Enter Guest Obessed Survey and Redeem GuestObessed Rewards?

Step 1
Step one, it is important for you to access the official website that is You can use your device and run the internet browser. Click the address bar and then you can type Checkers and Rally’s GuestObessed Survey link address.

Step 2
After that, you can continue to fill the Checkers and Rally’s store number that has 4 digits code. The code, in this case, is printed on the receipt.

Step 3
The next data you have to complete is the date and time of the last visit to Checkers and Rally’s store. The same, you can find the detail printed on the Checkers and Rally’s receipt.

Step 4
Once you complete the whole things to pass GuestObessed Survey login portal. You can continue to answer Guest Obessed questions. Yes, you are taking a survey and of course, it has so many questions to answer. Guest Obessed Survey questions here will be about your satisfaction during the visit.

Step 5
Once you finished completed answering the questions, you will gain Checkers and Rally’s Validation Code. You can either write down the code on the back of the receipt or just take a picture.

Step 6
Congratulation! You have gained Checkers and Rally’s Coupon Code for the free sandwich. And if you want to continue to get Checkers and Rally’s Coupon for free fries, you can process Checkers and Rally’s sign up. Just visit or and find the resignation menu. Follow the instructions and you will earn the coupon code.

Step 7
After getting both Checkers and Rally’s coupons, you can start to find the nearest Checkers and Rally’s store locations. Easily, you just need to stay at the official website and search the Checkers and Rally’s locator. Input the zip code and the city you want and you will get the Checkers and Rally’s Nearest stores. You can also use map by searching Checkers and Rally’s Near Me. The result will also show the Checkers and Rally’s hours of operation.

Step 8
Go visit the Checkers and Rally’s store around your place and you can show both Checkers and Rally’s coupons to the restaurant staff. They will kindly give the free sandwich and fries to you.

Checkers and Rally’s Contact Us

You may get some troubles when you enter and complete the survey, as well as redeem the coupons. In this case, you do not have to worry as you are not alone. Of course, you can feel free to contact Checkers and Rally’s Customer Service team. Here the Checkers and Rally’s contact details:

• Checkers and Rally’s Phone Number
When it is within Checkers and Rally’s hours, you may dial Checkers and Rally’s representatives at this number: 1 800 800 8072. The team will be glad to help the customers.

• Checkers and Rally’s Headquarter Address
You can also visit Checkers and Rally’s Corporate Office at 4300 West Cypress Street Suite 600 Tampa, 33606 Florida. When you decide to make a visit, it is best to dial the phone number first to make an appointment. And when you call the office number, you should make sure that it is within Checkers and Rally’s office hours.

Fellas! You have mastered the whole things about gaining free sandwich and fries at Checkers and Rally’s store. Go practice what you have learned and enjoy the free foods happily!