When you are on budget, you will make effort to save your money. The common thing you usually do is looking for free coupon from the certain restaurant. Then, by redeeming this coupon, you can receive some food for free. Sometimes you will get a discount. That is why, many people are looking for the way to get free fast food. This way, their can save the budget for buying meal. Besides, they do not need to buy some ingredients to prepare the meal by themselves. Now you are reading the right article. Here, we will give you some tricks to get the free menu items from the certain restain chains.

In fact, some restaurants offer the free food for some reasons. First, offering the free food is their marketing strategy. Every restaurant will find the way to keep the customers coming back to their restaurant. So, when they offer the free item, many customers will visit their restaurant. Besides, some of them offer the free meal to introduce the new menu item. For example, they have a new products to sell. Then, they will give another item for free when the customers purchase this new product. This way, they can increase the sales. Furthermore, other restaurant chains may offer a free coupon as the reward of the survey. This coupon also can encourage many customers to participate in the online survey.


Finding the fast food restaurant that offers the free food is not hard at all. There are a lot of restaurant chains which have this offer. You can find the special offer from the certain restaurant by visiting their website. But, it will be time-consuming. That is why here we have concluded several restaurants which give a menu item for free. Besides, we also list down the surprising tips to get this free offer. Check our tips below. Then, grab your free meal soon.

1. Join the restaurant e-club.

Every fast-food restaurant welcomes its customers to join the e-club. The restaurants will encourage their guests to sign up this club. For instance, their employees will ask the customers to register this program. Besides, they also invite the customers to enroll e-club program through the website and receipt. In fact joining this club gives you some advantages. First, you will get the emails and texts consisting the recent promo from this restaurant. So, you will always be able to update Furthermore, the restaurant will give you free coupon in the first time you join this program. This coupon is redeemable with the certain offer from this restaurant. So, what restaurants do offer the free menu item when you join their e-club programs? Here are the restaurants as well as the free items they offer.

• Arby’s: when you enroll Arby’s Deal program, you can receive a free roast beef. But, to claim this reward, you have to purchase any item first.
• Del Taco: just sign up for promotional emails from Del Taco. Then, you can receive two grilled chicken tacos for free.
• Dunkin Donuts: for the new member of the e-club, Dunkin Donuts offers medium beverage for free.
• Chili’s: This restaurant offers free chips and guacamole, salsa, or skillet queso.
• Texas Roadhouse: sign up for their email notification and then you can get free appetizer.

2. Download the restaurant apps.

Every restaurant has a mobile app which enables the customers to order online. Besides, the customers also can review the list of menu items served in the restaurants. This application is available for Android and Apple. In order to encourage the customers to download this mobile app, some restaurants will promote the latest deals as well as freebies. So, if you are a free food hunter, you have to download this restaurant app into your mobile phone. Furthermore, you can get more than freebies if you also download this application for your family member’s mobile phone. But, you have to redeem this offer separately. So, what restaurants do provide the mobile apps? For example, you can download McDonald’s mobile app, Burger King mobile app, taco bell app, and Sonic mobile app.

3. Purchase the vouchers from Groupon or restaurant.com.

In order to get the pretty offer and deals from the local restaurants, you can visit restaurant.com. From this website, you can buy the discounted vouchers. Then, you can use this voucher to purchase the food you want at the lower price. But, you have to be diligent to check the offers from this website. Usually, they will provide $3 for $25 gift certificate voucher. This way, you can save your money when you visit the certain restaurant. Besides, you also can visit Groupon to get the special deals from the well-known restaurant. For instance, you can get the best deals from Papa John’s and Burger King. When you use the voucher from Groupon, you have to make sure that those restaurants accept your voucher.

4. Join the Restaurant Reward Programs.

Several restaurants offer the loyalty program. When you sign up this loyalty program, you can get the cheap or free food. The mechanism of this reward program is as the following. First, you have to register for this reward program. Then, you can earn the bonus points everytime you make a purchase in this restaurant. When you have collected some points, you can redeem it with the cheaper food as well as freebies. However, this loyalty program is only available for the limited restaurants. Here are four restaurants which offer the loyalty program.

• Carl’s Jr: you can sign up Super Star Rewards from Carl’s Jr. Then, you can collect 200 points. With this points, you can get $1 off when you purchase Super Star with cheese.
• Papa Murphy’s: when you visit Papa Murphy’s, you have to type your phone number. Then in your 10th visit, you can get a free pizza from Papa Murphy’s.
• Red Robin: This restaurant offers one cheeseburger for free every time you purchase nine cheeseburgers.
• Dairy Queen: every time you come to Dairy Queen, you will earn one point. Then, you just need to collect five points. The next, you can redeem these points with free original cheeseburger. Besides, you can also can claim the free ice cream cone or small sundae.

5. Take Part in Restaurant Survey.

Most of the restaurants do the customers’ satisfaction surveys. These restaurants will give the validation codes which are redeemable for free food. To enter this survey, usually, you should have the recent receipts from these restaurants. Then, you just need to spend a few minutes to answer their survey questions. Sometimes, the certain restaurant also offers the gift card for the survey participants. The sample of restaurants which offer the free food after the survey is as the following. For instance, you can participate McDVoice from McDonald’s or MyKFCexperience from KFC.

You should access keliamoniz to find out the list of restaurants which offer the customer survey. At keliamoniz.com, you will also be able to review the guidelines to participate in each survey. For instance, this website explains about MyBKexperience survey, Dennyslistens, TellDunkin, TalktoWendys, etc. By reviewing the articles at this online site, you can find out the tips to take the survey. Besides, you will notice what rewards you can get by taking part in those surveys.

6. Join the Birthday offer program.

Some restaurants give the special treats for the customers who are on birthday. But, they have to sign up for the email club first. You have to visit their official website to register this birthday offer. This program is similar to other e-clubs. When you sign up, you need to submit your email, phone number as well as your date of birth. Then, this restaurant will inform you about their latest offers and the special deals. Besides, these restaurants also offer freebies on your special day or birthday. That is why this company asks for your date of birth when you register for this program. It is very easy to get the freebies, isn’t it?

7. Check out the free offer at your receipt.

Never trash the receipt after making the transaction in the certain restaurant. You have to check the offer which is usually printed at the bottom part of the receipt. Usually, some restaurant offers freebies as the reward of taking the short survey. Besides, they may offer the free food after you purchase the certain menu items. For instance, you can get Quarter Pounder or Egg Muffins from Mcdonald’s. Furthermore, you can get the free doughnut from Krispy Kreme. After knowing this interesting offer, will you throw away your receipt?

8. Search the student discounts.

As the students, you will look for something cheap or free to eat. Luckily, some restaurants offer the special discount for the students. Besides, you can even get the freebies in a certain fast-food chain. To receive this offer, you just need to present your student ID card. Listed below are the restaurant chains which offer the special discount for the students.

• Burger King: BK offers 10% off at the participating location.
• Chipotle: the students can receive the free drink when they purchase a meal.
• Subway: Subway offer 10% discount for the students.
• McDonald’s: you can save 10% for every transaction.
• Chick-Fil-A: You can get a free drink everytime you purchase the meal.
• Pizza Hut: You can get 10% discount.