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About McdVoice

The high customers’ satisfaction will be the best achievement of a Restaurant owner. Of course, through its result, it can represent the success of Restaurant’s program. To know about this satisfaction, the restaurant offers a customer satisfaction survey. McdVoice is one the example of its customer survey. It is the online survey which is authorized by McDonald’s Company. The customers who interest joining this online survey can access the website address at Without wasting their much time, the participants only need five to ten minutes to complete all section in McdVoice Survey.

About The McdVoice Walkthrough

Anyway, McdVoice comes with its special survey style. In this case, the survey participants are going to meet two kinds of the questionnaire; those are the close-ended questionnaires and open-ended questionnaires. And here the following McdVoice Walkthrough, such as:

• The first (1) step:

In the beginning process, the survey participants should visit the website. In this occasion, they can type Once they reached the survey page, they can choose the language instruction to Espanol by clicking on the blue link on the middle top of the site. But, if they prefer to use English, they can continue to the next section.

• The second (2) step:

Then, there are two options to start McdVoice. At first, the survey participants can use their McdVoice Survey Code, and the second is by entering some information of their last visit. When they need this way, they need to click on the blue link under the picture.

• The third (3) step:

For the next step will allow the survey participants to answer the series of questionnaires. In this case, they must give the rates to some like-scale statements. And then, they can write down any opinion about McDonald’s Performance.

• The fourth (4) step:

After that, the survey participants will get McdVoice Validation Code. At that time, they can write it down on their receipt and redeem it for McDonald’s Coupon on their next visit. No matter they choose to join the sweepstakes, they should write down their validation code also.

• The fifth (5) step:

But, if they prefer to join McDonald’s Sweepstakes, they can continue to the next sections and follow some questionnaires to lead them to win the cash. In line with the previous sections, they should answer some questionnaires.

• The sixth (6) step:

Then, they must support their feedback with some personal information. It is including the name, email, and phone numbers. At last, they can click on “Next” button. It is the end section of the survey.

About the Term and Conditions in McdVoice

In line with MyBKEExperience, TellPopeye, Bojangles Listen, MyKFCExperience, McdVoice offers some the same term and conditions. These terms and conditions will help them to win the reward and be team consideration’s to decide the feedback is accepted or not. And, here the term and conditions in McdVoice are:

• At first, the survey participants should be the legal resident of The United States and District of Columbia. Then, they should not be a part of McDonald’s Staff and employees.

• Then, they should be minimum 18 years old or more.

• After that, they have a McdVoice Receipt or McdVoice Survey Code. It must not more than three days of the current visit.

• For the next, the survey participants should be familiar with English or Spanish.

• The following term and conditions are for the devices to run McdVoice. In this case, they should use a set of computers. Even, they can use laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

• At last, the survey participants must be sure that they have the best internet browser and internet connection.

Just so you know, the instruction in the survey is available in its specific time-period. So that’s why the survey participants should be ready to answer it in a fast way. If they missed the section, they should repeat the survey from the first.

Need Help?

When you get some troubles in, you don’t need to be shy to contact the customer service. To get the immediate answer, you can dial at 1 800 244 6227 at 7 AM to 7 PM. Even, McDonald’s provided some informational bases on its official website. You can visit and choose the menu “Contact-Us”.

Well, it is the best time to join McDonald’s Customer Survey and get your Free McDonald’s Coupon. It is the best experience ever as well you can enjoy the delicious meal at McDonald’s Restaurant.